Sunday, July 23, 2006

Here We Gooooooooo!

Today: run errands, clean, cook, go to friends for dinner
Tomorrow: church, cook, clean, move rooms
Monday: clean, clean, clean, get jewlery re-set, practise for singing the 30th (so unsaved grandmother will attend church)
Tuesday: Paternal Grandmother and Maternal Grandfather/Step-grandmother arrive,b-day dinner for grandmother (something else too but cannot remember)
Wednesday: Maternal Grandmother/Step-grandfather, 2 aunts, 2 cousins, 1 uncle, 1 cousin in law, and 1 bestman arrive, picnic/boat tour of Minneapolis/St. Paul area, possibly church
Thursday: Brides/Grooms Brunches, get ready for rehersal dinner (for 40+ people), photographer from GA, friends from Canada arrive, bachlour party
Friday: Mall of America in AM, decorate Church in afternoon, rehersal/rehersal dinner in evening
Saturday: be at church about 8ish, get self and bride ready, pics at 10, lunch at 12, wedding at 2, reception 3, clean 5/6, leave who knows when
Sunday: Sing in AM, something with step-grandfathers family in afternoon/evening (he grew up here), cousins/cousin-in-law leave
Monday: Quaint little town (Stillwater) all day, I think someone else leaves, maybe aunts/uncle
Tuesday: Canadian friends leave, history museaum with paternal grandmother and others,
Wednesday: MoA again and trolley downtown w/ anyone who wants to come, more people leave
Thursday: more time with paternal grandmother, but canna remember what we are doing
Friday: Paternal grandmother leaves, begin to breath
Saturday: clean up from craziness, work on new house, finish packing for SK
Sunday: go to Benjamin and Amy's new apt to watch them open presents and eat lunch with them (Amy's parents will be there as well), good-bye party for Joanna after evening service
Monday: flight at 8:30ish, transfer in Dallas, land in SF around 12ish, meet up with Guillaume
Tuesday: ???, A Chorus Line in the evening
Wednesday: Flight to S. Korea around 2

Anyone wanna trade places?


duckie said...

Sure, you can stay here and be a GA for 9 ½ months for me. You know how I feel about the Mall of America.

mel said...

At least I'm not moving out of the country, but going out-of-state is about to do me in! I'm glad I've gotten all my summer wedding attendance obligations out of the way already!