Saturday, September 30, 2006

School Picnic

Yesterday was the annual school picnic (nothing really picnic-y about it, more of a field trip). Every student from 5th grade through the 12th got on the bus at 9 am for a two hour bus ride. When we got there there was carnaval-type rides, a speed boat on the lake and a few little shops. The teachers ate at one of the restruants (I had soup) and then wandered. I found my kids later at another restruant; they had spent all their money on rides (save Jason) and had no money for lunch so Jason bought their lunch. All they wanted was ramen anyway. It was funny to see them interact outside school. They were well behaved; just loud. I don't do boats or rides so wandered, but I did buy 2 piggies made of sandalwood. They were too cute to pass up!

I had the priveledge of sitting in the back of the bus making sure the boys bahaved (5th-7th grades). It was amusing. Not too many issues. Just typical pre-adolescent male bahaviour.

My Lunch

(the stuff on the plate is veggies)

The kids lunch

The Piggies!!

(they smell yummy)

The Viking Ship Ride

(my kids are inside)

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