Wednesday, September 06, 2006


It rained last night. I love the rain. Especally here as Seoul is rather nastily smoggy at times. The sound of the rain on the roof is wonderful, and the breeze it sends through my window feels lovely.

Outside my bedroom wondow I can see about 4 crosses. At night they are outlined in red. That cross is not an uncommon sight in South Korea. South Korea sends out the second-highest number of missionaries, behind the US. It is a Christian-ish nation, where Presbyterian are to them what Baptists are to us. Also something like 7 out of 10 of the worlds largest churches are here. I wonder though how much of Korea really is Christian. As in the States, the general population does not seem to be. Seeing the crosses everynight reminds me of something I thought of when I flew home at Easter. It was a night flight and I was looking out the window. Seeing the concentration of lights in the larger cities, then the spare and spread out lights in the more rural areas made me think. You'd also see, every now and then, a light appear, or a light that is brighter than many of the others, and even a light extinguished. Reminds me of missions in a way. There are areas of concentrated light and they get spare as they spread out and in some places there is no light at all. In some places you see only one or two lights. Then you see lights come on, and you see lights go out...the analogy struck me pretty strongly when I thought it.

I am enjoying teaching. The kids are fun, and endlessly amusing (Chris [one of my 6th grade reading students] today told me and Laura, that Americans have long noses "like chopsticks"). But it's not what I want to do for the rest of my life. I'm not discontent; I am happy here, I love the kids, I love my fellow teachers, it's fun expirencing new things. But most of all I know that this is where God wants me for the present. That above all is comforting and most wonderful knowledge.

I've seen too much "You've Got Mail" and need to stop watching it...


Becca said...

Know the feeling, sis.

yfm said...

Nothing more comforting than KNOWING that you right where God has you. Thanks for sharing "heart thoughts".