Friday, November 10, 2006

Of Costco, Crocheting and CoEx

This week I crossed a new mile-stone: I shopped at Costco (alone-ish) for a household of three. We made the monthly Costco run and I was the apointee for our place. A total of seven households were represented in our trip. Monique was my shopping buddy but we were basically hanging out and she was there if I was unsure about where something was as this trip was my second to this Costco. The Costco we frequent has 2 floors and flat escalators that are magnitized for the carts to stay on. I felt all grown up after spending much money for food at the mecca of whole salers. Costco here is always rather crowded; think American Costcos during the weeks of Christmas and Thanksgiving, only pretty much all the time. And here whenever we see certain products that are hard to find or rarely in stock we stock up on them (think WheatThins and Chex). That was Monday....

Tuesday I learned how to crochet. Every week on Tuesdays we have "clubs" and clubs run for a set number of weeks. The current club is run my Mylinda and is the "Chrochet Club". Three teachers joined to learn how to do this thing and I caught on quickly. It's fun and I feel a sense of accomplishment though I have yet to complete anything. I am working on a blanket. I got carried away; when I was doing the begining "chain" stich I measured it and it was just at my arms length. After a bit I measured again and I have a hunch it's well over seven feet now. This is going to be a long project but I am looking forward to it. I'm using a 6/7 hook and 7 yarn. The colors are green white and orange. I'll keep you updated on the progress thereof. I decided before I had been crocheting an hour that crocheting is basically tying a giant knot.

Linda needed a gift for a friend so I went with her to CoEx, which is the closest thing here to an American-type mall. This mall is crazy and I only saw a few stores. BUT I got a book at a bookstore that puts Barnes and Noble to shame (shame most of it was Korean, but the English section was nothing to sneer at). The book is called Life of Pi and I have read the first two chapters and like it thus far. I also got a very cool pair of Christmas earrings that you'll have to wait to see.


YFM said...

I have new snowman earrings - very happy. Sounds like you have conqured pwoer shopping!

Becca said...

Cool! Yeah, buying groceries and house stuff makes me feel grown-up too. I know I'm getting "old and boring" when I'm more excited about a new rug for my kitchen than a new shirt.

Why those colors for a blanket? Just because you like them, or did you have some flag or team in mind?