Monday, November 20, 2006

Randomness of the weekend and other things

People need to stop creating blogs...we welcome Monique to the sidebar. Her blog chronicles the exploits of the High Schoolers of SCS. Never a dull moment on the 3rd floor from the stories I hear. Her husband is Matt.

This weekend was eventful. I had Bible Club which was fun as always. They had duk-boki as the snack. Not too bad but I shan't be eating it again as it did funny things to my innards. Duk-boki is a rice noodle some somethin' or other that's served in a spicy sauce thing (how's that for a discription?).

Then I had not been home an hour when I was told that Laura and others were headed to Coex. I tagged along upon hearing that one of the stores was selling iPod shuffles for less than $60 (the old ones as the new ones are now out). So off I went. I am now the proud owner of an iPod shuffle. Elaine, Laura, Mylinda and I went. As did Keith Johnson the principals son who is visiting for a month. Keith is a scream. He just finished cosmetology school (speicifically for hair) and is about to start a two year internship in New York with a world-renowned hair stylist whom I have never heard of. The guy charges up to $800 a hair cut. I thought $80 was expensive....Keith is way fun. Not strange in any abnormal way; strange in all the right ways. Its fun to talk to someone around here about fashion things. He was thrilled to discover I knew Dior, Chanel et al. And for those of you who are maybe thinking "potential" he's 20 and after he leaves here on the 12th or something like that it's highly unlikely I'll ever see him again.

Sunday I sang in church then there was a fellowship dinner and singspiration after. Keith and I sat together and did not exactly behave. Then went to Laura and Mylinda's to watch a Korean movie that was subtitled and made no sense. Keith was there as well and used me as an arm rest, body prop and whatever else he felt he needed me for. I finally threatned to bite him when he would not stop using my head/arm as a rest. He also felt free enough to push me around if my person was not in a position to make him comfortable.


mel said...

I remember Keith from the Academy! He was a scream then, too.

Becca said...

You didn't take pictures? I want to put faces with these names.