Thursday, November 02, 2006


The teachers have a recess rotation and my day for recess is Thursday. Usually it's fairly boring, with the boys playing soccer and occasionally someone getting a ball in the face but today was a fun day.

I decided that I did not want to contend with a soccer ball flying around the roof (which is enclosed and where we have recess) so told the classes that there was no soccer today. They had to come up with something else. So they played various other games with a softer ball. Another group of kids played with a skiprope. Jack (one of mine) somehow got himself tangled in the rope with the aide of no-one else. How, I have no clue; but he did. After I helped extract him he promptly jumped on a chair and managed to tangle himeself to the chair back (again without help). When he could not get untangled he thought jumping off the chair would get him out if it. It didn't work. He fell, and took the chair with him. He did not get hurt; he just lay on the ground laughing.

My kids are wierd...(any smarty-pants comments about ther teacher will not be published).

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