Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I remembered!

OK - so I was going to post about TKD.

I'm on week three of TKD. And I love it though I have not not yet gone a full week (for various reasons). So far I'm only good at stretching. I'm actually better than Mylinda. But she is waaay better at everything else. I would hope so as she has a red belt. It's actually funny - when he wants us to stretch he always points out how I can do things others of them cannot. I'd actually be able to stretch farther if there were not fat rolls in the way.
Monday he had the guys put on sparring armour (basically lots of padding) and we were to practice kicking. He would kick too and the boys are not that big so it was really funny to see them flinch when he kicked them because he was not holding back at all. He also screams like he's played too many Mortal Kombat games. "AHHHHH - Heeeee" in a lovely cresindo/decresindo.
We also do lots of laughing. Laughing at me. Laughing at Mylinda and laughing at the boys as they beat each other up.

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yfm said...

Hey - that teacher's scarf looks familiar!
I can stretch like that too!