Friday, March 02, 2007

More to tell

So update on the changes. I have lost a total of 9 lbs. Which is actually pretty good since I kinda fell off the wagon (in several areas) during February. I also had to drop Tae Kwon Do, much to my chagrin. But I intend to start again when I return in August. I've been ill most of February (or so it seems) every time I get the issue taken care of something else comes up (the last time I was at church was, I think, about 2 weeks ago). It's rather annoying but it looks like I'm about all better again. I had felt really badly about missing so much TKD and (when I made the decision) I was not seeing a light at the end of the sick tunnel but as I said things are much better. I also need the money for other things that have come up. But I'm back on everything else and am excited to see if I can get this weight thing gone. I'm at about 1/3 of my goal. Thanks for all your encouragement.

Also, in my endless quest for more blog comments, I have taken off word verification. I still will approve them but am hoping that this encourages more comments (hint hint).

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