Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wish List Redux Again

~ Books
~ Sticky tack
~ Posters
~ Sharpie Markers
~ Educational Games
~ Stencils (preferably made of plastic)
~ Small items for prizes/giveaways
~ Stickers

~ Anything Bath and Body Works in “Brown Sugar Fig”, and "Midnight Pomegrante"
~ Posters/pictures of Chicago, San Francisco, Paris (esp. in black and white)
~ Instant Puddings any brand, any flavour
~ Powdered gelatin (any brand any flavour)
~ Mac&Cheese (Kraft)
~ Chocolate of any kind (esp. Dove, Hersheys Kisses [any flavour], anything Reeses)
~ Candles
~ Bic RSVP pens in black with a fine point
~ Pringles Ketchup Chips (from Canada)
~ Ghiradelli Brownie Mix
~ Cake mixes
~ Muffin mixes
~ Real Maple Syrup
~ Chocolate Chips
~ Vanilla Flavouring
~ Powdered Sugar
~ DayQuill and NyQuill decongastant (in the pill form)
~ Halls Defence Vitamin C assorted citrus flavour.

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