Monday, April 09, 2007

How to Eat Kalbi (or Galbi)

My favourite Korean food is kalbi (also spelled galbi - the k/g sound can be hard to distinguish). I had some yummy kalbi last night at Itaewon.
1) Obtain the necessary ingredients:
leaves (lettuce and sesamie), red bean paste, garlic, onions


2) Cook the meat

3) Get a piece of lettuce, a piece of meat

4) Dip meat in the bean paste, place in the middle of the lettuce

5) Add any garnishes you might like (I am adding kimchi) Garnishes include; kimchi, garlic (raw or roasted), rice, and onion.

6) Wrap lettuce into a bundle around the meat.

7) Get ready - open wide!!

8) Insert entire bundle into your mouth (bites are rude).

9) Chew!

10) YUM!!


YFM said...

So can you make us some???
Looks like FUN!

Becca said...

yumyumyum!! I want some.