Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Field Day

Today was the Elementary Spring Field Trip which we planned as a Field Day. We were concerned that it might rain but the Lord kept it off, save for a brief shower right as we got to the place we were holding it.

We left school about nine and got to the Park. We played games for a few hours and then had lunch. After lunch the kids had free time where they could ride bikes or do whatever. We left at 2:15 and as we made our way back to school we "lost" kids (they went home). Now I am tired and my throat is a bit sore from hollering over the wind and the kids. I have some pictures now and when I get others will post them as well.

On the way we got a whole subway car to ourselves!

Waiting for the rain to stop inside the subway station.

Tandem bikes! Chris and Jason (top pic) had some issues getting it to work and eventually they went for the regular ones.

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