Thursday, May 10, 2007

I love those boys!

I am rather excited about teaching in the High School for several reasons. Most of them are the boys in gr. 6 who will move up. Don't get me wrong ~ I love my class but they are no where near as funny as John, Samuel, Chris and Jason. Today all of them but Jason made me laugh so hard I got tears in my eyes. Chris was first:

I was in charge of chapel today and gave it a colour theme. I had the Singing Club sing the Crayon Song and then I went over the Wordless Book as my lesson. In the Crayon Song there is a line "Blue is for Royalty that in Him did indwell." Well I knew the kids would need an explanation of why Blue is a symbol of Royalty. I simplified it by telling them about the European Monarchs who wear blue sashes. I had a picture of a young Queen Elizabeth II to use as my visual. When I asked the kids if they knew who she was (I was just going for "a queen" as the answer) Chris raised his hand and said "My wife!". It was hard to recover from that one.

After chapel was Reading and that was Samuel's turn:
Yesterday and today the bell has not rung at the end of second hour and no-one knew why. I had my suspicions as the bell controls are in my room and right beside a desk but was not positive until Mr. Goh came in again to fix it and said that someone was messing with the bells as they had been turned all the way down and off. I knew who it was because no one else sits near the bells. So during break I took Sammy to the bells and asked him if he were playing with them during Reading. He gave the affirmative answer and I asked him if he knew what it was he was messing with. "Ladio? [radio]" He thought it was funny when I told him that no, it was not a radio he was messing with but the bell and that it was his fault the bell was not ringing (and that his Reading class was longer) He was not doing it out of misbehaviour, but, I'm sure, to play a joke (imagine if the radio turned on as the teacher was talking). He had a rather amused/shocked look on his face for the rest of break.

Today being Thursday it was my recess day and John Jin was the one to make me laugh then:
John is forever being told to tuck his shirt in. He's very tall and so the shirt comes out easily. Before they are allowed to go down from recess I make the boys tuck in their shirts. Basketball and other such activities are not conducive to keeping shirts in waistbands. Well as the boys showed that their shirts were in I let them go down. John was pressed against the wall and I could tell the back was not tucked in (I could see the front; it was in). When I told him to tuck the back in he said he could not and quickly backed inside as he told me to ask Jack why. He had split his pants.

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whatSNUinlife said...

Those anecdotes are so funny! Especially the one about John Jin. That is so like him! So, how did he get through the rest of the day without mooning anyone?:)