Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Grandmother Update

Well, today Granny has been here a week. For the first few days she was really not doing too well at all but now she is getting better. She really does come and go mentally. It's not like she does not know who we are (as far as we can tell she does) but it's more like she is disoriented. Part of the reason she was not happy at the beginning was (sadly) because she did not have any alcohol. She eventually asked mum to take her to get some and after that was happier. She always has a drink poured now. Its sad.

She stays in her room almost all day and sits in the rocker. She sleeps almost all the time. Occasionally she reads or looks out the window at the birds (dad put a bird-feeder out for her). But that's about it. She only comes out to eat dinner with us.

She says she wants to move back to OR and that she likes Salem better. I really wonder how long she is going to stay here. Saturday our Church did a Musicale and she went with mum. Apparently she actually enjoyed it. They honoured the Veterans (she was a C-WAC in WW2) so she went to stand up at the front with everyone else.

Well, that's about it. Today is her b-day so we are going out to eat later.

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mel said...

Hey Joanna, I just stopped and prayed for you and your family and your grandma. Hope things start going better.