Friday, August 17, 2007

I am indeed alive

Sorry I've not posted 'till now regarding getting back but I moved and my apartment does not yet have reliable Internet. I am writing this as I sit outside the school waiting for our first day of inservice to start. I am outside because the building is locked, but I obviously can still get to the wireless.

So after a few rough starts to get here (leaving the house a bit late, issues checking my stuff for the flights, sitting on the tarmac for an hour in Minneapolis and Japan are the things that most readily come to mind.) I did arrive late on Thursday night, tired and a bit crabby but alive nonetheless. I was thankful that Linda (former apartment mate) came and got me!

Friday I packed a bit to move, then ran over to school to get a few things and drop a few other things off. Since Mrs. J was in the office I thought I'd ask for the final list of my classes. I am teaching Life Science (gr. 7) Choir A (various students from all grades in the HS), English Literature (again gr. 7) and then two periods of Earth Science (both gr. 8, which is by far the largest class in the school with about 20ish kids). Notice there is no mention of any of the classes I had posted earlier this summer. But that's ok. I'm rather excited about Choir!! Lit is gonna be fun too because we get to read books!!!!!!!! I am also looking forward to the sciences because I get to (basically) study Creation. So 's all good. Anyway, while I was at school I met my new roommate Lisa who is going to be pretty cool. She and I were at BJ at the same time 'though she is a year older than I. We did not know each other while there but we had/have several mutual friends. Then back to the old place to finish packing and move. After my stuff was in the new place Lisa, Mylinda and I went to get galbi. Before bed I unpacked a bit but I was bead so I went to bed at 8:30. But was up at 6, and moved every piece of furniture in the room. I know this is going to surprise those of you who have lived with me but my room is still a total mess!!

So thats it for now. More later!

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yfm said...

All answers to prayer! Tons of lovin! YFM