Saturday, September 22, 2007

What a week

This week started out interesting and continued in the same vein until it's close. Monday I sent a kid to the office for attitude/obedience problems and once in the office he still did not listen to me. Wednesday we were supposed to have a Pirate Day activity but we had to postpone it 'till the next day because of some scheduling conflicts. So Thursday we took 1st hour and had a quiz game with the winning class getting doughnuts the next day. Grade 8 won. Of course. The largest class. 4 dozen doughnuts later.... Thursday we also had a fire drill during 6th hour. And literally 5 min before that drill we had a near fight in my classroom. The incident from Monday had escalated and spread to the upper grades and we could tell something was up but were not sure what until lunch when I figured out that it was because of Monday. Right before 6th hour Danny came into my room and started talking to Daniel (who was in there for class) and things got rough. They were talking in Korean so as I was standing between them I was hollering for one of the teachers who is Korean so we would know what was being said. Well, we got things calmed down and had the drill. Right after the drill we sent the two boys to the office. Later at the end of the day Danny came to me and apologized for losing his temper in my room and thanked me for stopping him from doing anything else. Friday was Friday as all Fridays are and the kids were anxious for their 5 day weekend for Chusok (roughly equivalent to Thanksgiving). I am spendimg my 5 days being a bum!

The Quiz game contestents

(l-r: Samuel [gr. 7], Joel [gr. 8], Joshua [gr. 9], Max [gr. 10], Jerry [gr. 11])

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