Tuesday, October 23, 2007


So Jessica had her ninth grade lit. class write limmericks. This is Joseph Jun's: if you are in trouble/please scream my name/if you are not it can be double/but when i play computer game/you can call Miss Straub. I don't even teach Joseph. His brother is in my Homeroom/Biology class but thats about my only connection to the kid (though sometimes I poke him when he walks by me; he squeals like a girl).

Sorry I've not posted anything of note lately; combine laziness with nothing of import to say and there you go. The most exciting things in my life are CSI:NY (happiness for getting the new season online) and teaching Mitosis/Meiosis to grade 10. It's not entirely their fault they don't understand it, nor is it entirely mine. I remember talking about it in HS Bio. and not really understanding it. In fact, the only thing I do remember about that part of Bio., was the teacher (who was one of those annoying cheerleader-types) saying "my-TOES-is" as she did the toe touch/splits jump. It was perfectly timed to hit her toes as she said "toes". I was not about to do that for my kids.

I had to keep Danny after school for the first time in a month (he was speaking Korean). He was really responsive and listened to what I had to say. I hate keeping kids for detention. Anyway ~ I told him that I had asked people to pray for him and he asked me to thank those who are. So Danny says "Thank you for praying." Please don't stop though; we are now working on the "not being mean while [we] tease" issue. There is a big crisis in 11th grade; "ACT or SAT: Which is better?" Poor kids.

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as Joaana's world turns... missed our weekend visit! look froward to a nice long chat!