Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving (early)!

So I realized it's been a while since I've posted but this weekend I'm quite positive that I'll be making up for that so stop by lots over the next few days and see whats new!

A few class updates: I got a new student in Home Room/Biology. Her name is Julie and I'm going to love having her in class because she is already asking questions and participating. It's nice to see how everyone quickly blended her into the routine. Grade 10 is growing! This makes my third new student this year. At least, though I feel like I'm missing someone. Meh. Newspaper is going well too. We got out our first edition at the begining of the month and it seemed to be well recived. We continue with our conversations about many subjects (Henry wanted to talk about Nitche Monday). Grade 8 science is going strong. We finished a chapter on space exploration and are watching October Sky (could not find Apollo 13). We had a discussion before hand about the language in the movie and the mining culture. Grade 7 is still grade 7. A bunch of sillies. I can't remember if I has mentioned it but they got a new boy (Mike) and he fits in all to well with Chris and Samuel. Jessica taught them how to make paper airplanes in speech class and one is now liable to see them in any classroom on our floor.

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