Thursday, November 01, 2007

They tried to KILL me!

Today the High School took a trip to LotteWorld. I hate amusement parks. No idea why, but I do. The rides especally scare the spit out of me. I know I am not actually going to die but it still feels like I might. Last week in newspaper we were talking about the trip and this information came out. Rocky said to me "You better hope not to see me because I will make you go on a ride."

Well, we met at 9:30 and told the kids we did not want to see them 'till 3. Then the teachers went and did their own thing. I only did the monorail and the shooting game. We met everyone at 3 and most decided to stay for a bit longer. So en masse we headed to the gyroscope thing that I knew I was not going to ride (similar to one of those swinging ship rides, but instead of a ship there is a ring of seats on the end that spins as it swings). Well, sure enough Rocky tried to get me on but I refused. So I sat on a bench and talked to the others who also opted out. As we were waiting some of the boys did the mallet game. Rocky and Chris did not hold the mallet right and did not get good scores. Chris also lost his malet and hit the lady in the foot with it. Steve did the best, getting it almost to the top. After everyone was done there we headed to another ride called Comet-something-or-other. Which had another long line. Well, as we were waiting Rocky and Danny convinced (guilted really) me to getting on a different ride - "Wakkiki Wave". The closer we got the more ill I felt. Finally we were about to get on and I am surrounded by a bunch of guys who refuse to let me escape. By this time my hood was over my face and all I can say is "I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! Please don't make me!" Behind me I hear Joshua (in all seriousness) say "Is ok Miss Straub. God is with you". To which I say "I know! I still don't wanna go!!" Then Chris chimes in "If you die you will go to Heaven!" ("I know!! But I still don't wanna die!") So, I finally got on. And made Danny and Rocky sit on either side of me. I took off my glasses, closed my eyes and held onto the handles as tight as I could. Then they tried to make me more scared by telling me that the ride was actually not safe and that people died on it all the time. It did not work. Then as we started, they started singing "Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord" at the top of their lungs, in my ears (they wanted me to open my eyes. I did not.). Finally it was over and I got off. I shook for more than an hour. Don't tell them but it was fun. More from the interaction than the ride itself. I don't wanna go through that part again.

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