Friday, January 11, 2008


Today was the most fun day I have had in a very long time. It finally snowed here, a snow worth acknowledging. I left this morning to a flurry of very small flakes that told me it would be snowing for the rest of the day, and indeed it did. It was the perfect packing snow too. So during first and second hour we went outside and had snow fights. Of course, the teacher was a favourite target. I have not had a proper snow fight in years (since I lived in Canada). By 10:30 my shirt was soaked (what; you thought I was wearing a coat?) and my skirt was wet 8 inches up from the hem. Having three massive wads of snow dumped on your back does nothing for dryness. It was wonderful! I did not take pictures, but then I'd much rather throw a snowball than take a picture of one being thrown.

During the second hour snow fight I got a note saying the mother of one of the fourth graders wanted to buy dinner for all the school staff, so we went to VIPS, a buffet that is pretty good despite the price; but then you pay for what you get (smoked salmon, pomegranate/banana smoothies, tiramisu, etc.). And as always, good conversation with teachers and other types of fun. We left right after school (we were pushing kids out the door so we could leave), saw just about every high schooler on the way out and were pelted by much snow. I was ambushed by an 8th grader and sent a 10th grader to get him back. The next thing I knew I had a facewash courtesy of Steve (the one I had sent after Daniel). He had snuck up behind me with two large handfuls of snow. Seriously, how can people dislike snow?

I've given a proposal to the Johnson's about what I'd want to do as the school counsellor. It'll be interesting to see what they say about it. You can see it here. I still don't know if I'm staying or not but I have to let them know sometime around the beginning of February.

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