Saturday, March 29, 2008


1) The youngest sibling has a blog. Go annoy him!

2) When I grow up I'm going to visit Ganvie, Benin in Africa.

3) Spring break is officially over. Just the weekend. But next week is a 4 day teaching week! Three and a half actually; we are going to see the Dead Sea Scrolls on Thursday afternoon (to be honest, I'm prepared for much boredom).

4) It's hard to believe it's almost April. Which I'm actually very thankful for though. I get paid on Monday. I have $15 in my account and hardly any food. I'm going to have to be very creative over the next 2 days.

5) It's 1:05. I need to go to bed.

6) I hate doing dishes. I was terrible and let them pile up over the last ummmmm....month? It took about three hours to wash them. How Lisa (roommate) put up with it I have no idea.

7) I miss having a cat. I catsat over the break (Chicago, who I lived with/lived with me last year. Merilee took him when we all got new places) and it was nice having a furry thing at my feet when I slept. He still bites a lot though.

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