Sunday, May 11, 2008

I am my mothers daughter

"All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That's his." ~Oscar Wilde

I am becoming my mother. About once a week I hear her speaking from my mouth. This week it was when I told a student "You are not wise." In the past I have told another student "You made the choice to do X. Now you have to deal with the consequences of making that choice." When disciplining students who want to destract me by bringing up other students wrongs I tell them "I am not talking about X. I am talking to you."

There are things I do that are her influence as well. I make lists. As a kid I hated my mothers lists, now I can't survive with out them. When I'm really tired I run my fingers through my hair.

But it's all good. The things I'm picking up are the good things. I am very thankful for you mother dear. You've taught me well and unusually (in all the good ways).

Love you and Happy Day of the Mother! See you in a month!!!!!

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muzz said...

Thankfully YOU will be more like Christ when you are 50 than I am now - "I have no greater joy than hearing my children walk in truth" I John (I think,,,need to look it up)
Thank the Lord he made us friends. You are the closest to my heart!
You get the Mother's day prize - and you should have seen Ben's card - it was a great one!