Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Jess gave me a pair of wrap-around pants for my birthday. I love them and made another pair today. I'm going to make more this summer. I got the 2.5 yds of needed cotton fabric at Jo-Ann's for less than $10 total. Yay summer sales.

We have rodents in our basement. I've set some traps but not caught anything yet. Rather annoying cuz they keep me up at night.

I think I'm at least staying my weight if not actually losing it. Mum's scale batteries have died so I can't actually check. Though eating three pieces of pie yesterday did nothing for that I'm sure.

I'm looking for summer reads. I'm particular to (non-trashy) fantasy, but really will read about anything. Any suggestions? In the meantime I'm going to re-read Harry Potter. I've started a Dean Koontz which I like but find it kinda slow so I'm having issues getting into it.

Things I like about being back in the US (in no particular order):
~ Seeing the sky and clouds. I find myself staring at them whenever I'm outside or in a vehicle.
~ English book stores.
~ Being in the same time zone (or within one hour of) my friends. Makes for easier communicating.
~ Being able to watch Law and Order about 24/7.
~ Good coffee (i.e. non instant) readily available.

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