Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back Home

So I'm back in Korea which I have discovered is Home (at least for now). I had a rough trip getting here but here I am. We sat on the tarmac for two hours because of rain in Japan which put us into Korea at midnight and in Bongcheon at 2. Thankfully Merilee and Linda waited for me. I got to my apartment and wanted to cry. It was (and still is) a mess. Things were moved and just put into the place. Furniture was kinda in the right rooms but not really. There were also several pieces that were (and still are) there that belonged in other apartments. It is also filthy in an unsanitary way. There is no way that bathroom has ever been properly cleaned, it's moldy in several places. The doors have gunk all over them and there are several other cleanliness issues. I've been moving stuff around and gradually getting moved in but it is going to take a while. Thankfully Merilee came for about 2 hours on Sunday and will try to come again this weekend. There are other things that will need to be taken care of but those can wait until the year has gotten started.

It is soooooo nice to have the Threlfalls back! He preached Sunday and I took about three pages of notes. He is such an excellent preacher, you can tell he puts extensive time and thought into his sermons. And its all exegetical, no having a thought and running all over scripture to prove it. To utilize and overused picture: It was like having an ice cold glass of after a long dry trip. It really was.

We've been in inservice for this week. Meetings, getting classes ready and the like. I am going to have Chemistry, French (2 class hours of that), Life Science and Earth Science. My homeroom will be my grade 10 kids from last year with 4 new additions. Life Science are my 5th graders (now in grade 7) from my first year with a few additions and subtractions and my Earth Science kids will be mine for a 3rd year (with a few other additions as well). I have no idea who is going to be in my French classes. I'm looking forward to this year but things are a bit overwhelming. French is going to be the most difficult; we already have issues with English.

Tonight I have several things I need to do, all of them typing and stuff. My fingers are going to be nubs by 10 I'm sure. It's already 6:30. I need to go get food then back to work time!

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