Saturday, August 09, 2008

One Week!

I am soooo ready to go back to Korea. Not that I have not enjoyed my time here I just want to get back home. It's crazy inside my head that Seoul is more "home" to me than Minneapolis. But I've only been here for summers and an occasional Christmas so really....I've started to pack and have soooooooooooooooooooooooo much stuff! I hope and pray I can get it all in my suitcases. I also hope and pray my last suitcase (which I ordered in June) gets here soon. It's just a small carry on but still. It's a suitcase. And speaking of carry ons I'm going to try to fly first class this trip (or business first or whatever NWA calls it). If it's less than $100 to upgrade I'm so doing it. I won't know till I actually check in.

I spent so much money this summer!! Most of it was stuff I need (clothing, stuff for school, stuff for my apartment and other such things) but still...oof. And there are still things I want/need but don't have the space for (I have enough coffee to last till roughly Christmas and there were some things I've seen that I could have used for class and/or my apartment). But what I have is more than good. It will be nice to get back to living more cheaply. And to being in an area with PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! I never got around to using the bus here but still, I know it's not as good as the stuff in Seoul. Man I miss the subway.

Ok, it's 12:45 and I need to go to bed. As soon as this episode of CSI:NY is over. The one I saw earlier today. And that I have on DVD.

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