Saturday, September 20, 2008

Long time no post

I'm sorry I've been a posting slacker. But maybe this post will make up for it? There are lots of pictures at the end!!

School has been going quite well. The most interesting thing has been Pirate Day (which was Friday). High School does not do too much but we had the kids playing a game during times between classes. They had to steal gold coins from each other. Each of the three was worth fifty points at the end of the day. We also gave points for dressing up and best-dressed boy and girl. The winning homeroom gets Krispy Kreme doughnuts on Monday. Linda's homeroom (grades 10 and 12) won, having 150 points. My homeroom was on my naughty list. We had zero points. There was also supposed to be some "kidnapping" of students during two hours but it only happened once. Over all it was a fun day. If nothing else, I got to wear pants to school. (=

Classes are going well. We've gotten a few more students. We're running out of lockers. Which is a good thing I guess. I think the number of students lurks around 120. Chemistry is plugging along. The second test had more of a point spread (only one student got more than 100% this time). Many students though have more than 100% in the class; I've given many opportunities for bonus. The kids are doing a pretty good job of paying attention but the sound from the projector we use is terrible, even with the addition of speakers.

Next week I start tutoring two students. It's four days a week for any general tutoring they might need. I'm planning on using that money for traveling. The teachers are wanting to go several places this year. Tentative plans include Singapore, Malaysia, North Korea, Australia, China and maybe India. Not sure how many of those I'm going to do but it will be as many as possible.

Last weekend was Chuseok. We had Monday and Tuesday off. Chuseok (if you cannot recall) is roughly equivalent to Thanksgiving but with more of a pagan connection (ancestor worship and the like). Because it's a heavily traveled time we teachers don't do too much. The biggest event was Linda, Jess myself and two others going to a Brazilian churriascaria restaurant. Second time I've been to one. Luuurrve those places. Pics are at the end of the post.

Friday night I went to Jessica and Linda's place for brownies and a movie. After, Linda wanted to know if anyone wanted to go to Dongdaemun. Dongdaemun is known for it's 24 hour shopping. It gets its name from a gate that is close to the area. Not to be confused with Namdaemun which burned down this past February. We got to Dongdaemun around 11 p.m., met up with a girl from church, and left around 2 a.m. There is nothing special there regarding merchandise but it's still fun just to wander around knowing it's so late. I got a pedi-egg. Again, pics at the end of the post.

Mac is still sick. He's had the sniffles and some other troubles for a while so I finally took him to the vet. He has a bit of a fever. I was thankful, the total cost ought to have been 25,000 won but the vet did one of the exams for free so it was only 15,000 won. Today I had to take him back and he gave me another discount, so it was only 12,000 won this time.

Pics from recently are below.

Shopping at Insadong

Dinner at TGIF

Brazilian Food

Late night shopping


muzz said...

Man I REALLY wish I lived closer - you would get tired of me. The pics are GREAT but being there is WAY BETTER! Looks like you ladies had a super weekend.

The Slacks said...

Don't know if you check comments from past blog entries, but if you go to North Korea, make sure to leave your cell phone and Bible at home. They'll be confiscated at the border. At least that's what I read in a Christian Korean mag recently. If you're not sure, I'd ask Pastor Goh to check. BTW, I wish you'd tell me how you add extra links to your entries (the ones that are highlighted in a different color)? THANKS