Sunday, November 16, 2008


So this is my 300th post. Guess I need to put something more than what I was intending to put on here. Cuz pretty sure I did not need to know I could get a green CSI:NY ipod nano. Does it really need to be over $200?? Talk about paying for a label. But I would spend it. If money were not an issue...oh well. When I grow up maybe.

I can't wait to go to Singapore! We have our tickets and hostel booked. Jess and I are totally excited because we don't really know what to expect, we don't even really know what we are going to do there, other than hit Maylasia for a day.

I lurf meh kitteh. He's going to be ginormous! He's about 7 mos now and is as big as Lightning (cat I had for like...10 years or so.) was. He likes to wake me in the mornings by licking my nose. Apparently it means I'm part of his pack or whatever. Thats nice and all but I'd rather he inform me of that when I am more awake. He has also taken to sitting on my chest when I'm at the computer. I usually sit in a large green papisan chair (it's more like reclining really) and he likes to come sit right under my chin. When this happens he hampers my ability to type/see. I'm sure he is aware of this. For a while he was not wanting to sit on me at all but once it started getting cold he uses me as a heat source.

It is getting cold but not yet cold enough to wear a jacket. Or at least, not yet cold enough for me to wear a jacket. I'm still fine in long sleeves. It is dark here by 6 though. Which is strange. Korea does not do time changes.

Nothin' too much going on school-wise. Every one's looking forward to Thanksgiving (see above)...Church is still good; I'm still tutouring...mmmm...thats about it.

Happy 300th post to me...

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muzz said...

Long life to more postings from Seoul!