Thursday, November 06, 2008

Pics and stuff

Pretty sure "stuff" is about the greatest word ever. It covers so many things. Pictures (finally) from Spirit Week and another Mac video. This time of him playing fetch. 'Scuse the mess. I don't clean except on Saturdays. Too tired when I get home. And just plain lazy. The papers are actually grades and were not there for too long.

Speaking of greatest ever; this latest episode of CSI:NY rocked. As in greatest to date IMO. Yes, as 'fore mentioned (several times) I am a CSI loser.

I had a good talk with the grade eight today. It would seem that Korean culture is even more accepting of swearing than American culture (as even Christians sound like sailor by some accounts). So we talked about why exactly it might not be a good thing to swear. It lead into other things and ended with why saying certain expressions is against the Bible. I have noticed that Koreans (even Christian ones) don't associate "God" with their word for God (Hana-nim) and will often say things they don't realize they are saying. When what they are saying is pointed out they usually get upset and try not to say it again. The kids were responsive and I could tell some were really listening. So pray for them (and especially Chris and Samuel as they admit to having especially bad mouths when speaking Korean).

We got a new teacher today. Jason has been attending our church since this summer whilst teaching at an English Hagkwan. He was not-exactly-fired and Mrs. J willingly took him as soon as she heard. He was already planning on teaching with us next year. He's doing computer stuff, some Math and a few other things. I don't know him too well but he seems ok.

Jessica and I are going to Singapore for Thanksgiving! We have our tickets and cannot wait! We are going to go to Malaysia for a day while we are there. It's gonna be fun!

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