Friday, December 19, 2008

Something to do:

My flight leaves at 11:35 and I need to leave my place no later than 6:30. And to minimize jet-lag I will not be sleeping. So to fill my time I will:

Finally post about my Singapore trip (scroll down).
Start packing (heh).
Do laundry.
Finish packing.
Stalk people on Facebook.
Watch CSY:NY (who's shocked here?)
Put pictures on here from Singapore (if you're lucky)
Eat something (I'm thinking cereal...)
Post stupid lists on here, like you are actually interested in what I'm going to do to kill time... (=

So I'm thinking Korea's becoming "home" to me. I mean, as much as anywhere is home for me. I'm sad to be leaving, even for just two weeks. I mean, don't get me wrong; I love my family and can't wait to see them. I just think that, for now, Korea is home. And I'm happy with that. As I've said before, I love it here and am happy to stay as long as God wants me here. Still not sure about next year. Still have Max (and now Jesse) asking me if I'm staying or not. They both said they'd leave if I'm not here next year. I'm not so sure about that (parents and all right?) but still, made me feel warm and fuzzy.

We had our school Christmas concert last Friday. I about exploded with pride as to how well those kids did. I mean, I was not really involved in getting it ready so I'm not sure how the teachers who had been working with the students all year felt but I LOVED it. The nature of the day caused classes to start late and the kids to stay in the area till the program was over. Usually we tell the kids to fend for themselves between the end of rehearsal and when the program starts but I had my kids (and Velascos) over for spaghetti. I made tonnes (and real making; none of this jar stuff). Lots was eaten but I still had leftovers. The boys especially liked it; Jesse claimed it was better than any restaurant. Poor Steve, he had broken his foot the night before and was unable to be there. Poor Rocky; he ended up being the only trumpet because of Steve being gone.

It's coming up on January which means that the revolving door of students will start moving again. There are about a dozen kids leaving for Korean schools but we already have almost that many coming in, and we have an advertisement going out January 6th (Korean school year starts late Feb/early March). We're already full-to-bursting and Mrs. J has said if we get 50 more kids she's going to have to find another bulding. I think I've mentioned that before....oh well. It's going to be fun to see how things go the last half of the year. Especally since there's no Science Fair. Social Studies Fair this year. Lisa can have that chaos. (=

Ok, it's almost 2 am. I think I'll go get some cleaning done now or something.

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