Monday, March 23, 2009

Things Hobbits get for birthdays

In no particular order:

Monies in gift certificate form (to be turned into CDs or used at the appropriate restaurant)
DVD sets
Coffee (lots!!)
Things for nail art
Golden calf
Popsicle molds and other kitchen-y things

Other things that are not being called to mind at the top of my head. Apparently I have other boxen coming from the States so the party is going to be extended!!

The birthday day itself was fun. Church (which I was mostly dead for not having slept well the two preceding nights) then later in the afternoon dinner at an Italian restaurant. Jess and I ran around a bit after dinner then we walked home; I had to finish my grades.

We are now in the last quarter of the year. Spring break starts next week!! I'm not doing anything but sleeping and cleaning (theoretically).

Um...that's really it. I gotta go back to cleaning now. And I need to write a test eventually....


Rebecca said...

golden calf?

Becca said...

Hobbits also get late gifts.