Monday, June 29, 2009

Cars and Jobs and Stuff

Again, things have been busy and I'm sorry about the lack of updates. So here goes:

I did get a car! I had three criterion (less than 100K mi; 2000 or newer, less than $5000) and through a guy dad works with I got an '03 Intrepid that had about 88K mi and it was right at $5000. That was blessing one.

The Monday after Father's Day I left MN and headed to Chicago where I'm in a wedding on July 4th. As mentioned before I've always wanted to live here so I was hoping to find a job. My drive here was uneventful and I made it safely Mac in tow. I'm staying with my friend Rebecca and she has two cats. I wasn't sure how he'd feel about them with all the transitions he's gone through lately but he made friends with Puck and Athena very quickly. But I digress. I took Monday and Tuesday and did not do anything and Wednesday finally started looking online and got started filling out applications Nothing has really panned out but I wasn't yet discouraged.

I had been planning on heading to downtown Chicago for Saturday but didn't when I realized that I had no cash to take the train with. Then I decided that the mall was another good option and headed there (it's about 15min away). I parked and walked in. Where I walked in I noticed that there was a photo studio that was hiring. So I went in and inquired. The man whom I spoke to turned out to be the owner of the store and I could tell he liked me. He asked his manager to interview me right then and after I talked to her she told me where to go online and to fill out the necessary applications and that she would give me a call as soon as she got the info. This was yesterday and today I did the online stuff and just maybe an hour ago she called me to tell me that I got the job!! It's only part time and pays $9/hr but it's a start. I have a place to stay until the end of July (when Rebecca's lease is up) and am going to be looking for another part time job but at least it's a start!!

So thanks for your prayers and please keep praying : namely that I either can get enought hours (she can only promise 15-20 right now) or that I can get another job. And when the time comes that I can find a place to live that will not take the greater percentage of my paycheck.

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