Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hi there!


So where were we? Work's still work. My commission is going up as I do more. The more I do the more comfortable I feel. But I still have a looooong way to go. I miss having a camera; mine died so I'm looking to get a new one eventually. I want an SLR but those are not cheap. I might spring for one after Thanksgiving and do the whole "investment" thing. Because if I stay in this field I have to start investing in the proper equipment. And starting at some point I wanna take classes too. But why must things require money?!?!?!? Cuz I also am going to need a new computer soon and am reeeeeelly wanting to go to India over Easter (to meet up with Jess and Holly and Lisa Walker from Korea). Meh, the Lord'll provide if I'm supposed to get/do these things.

Um, other things...I've got a place to live! I'm moving in this week with a girl from church. Stephanie is the same age as I am and is an engeneer. She works with the teens and I'm actually hoping to start working with them eventually myself.

I've decided to give away my cat. Right now I'm too "unsettled" to have an animal and if something were to happen to him and he'd need some kind of medical help I could not afford to take care of him. Practically, pragmatically, now's just not the time. I'm good with that decision, really. I've found a shelter that I want to take him but it's like an hour away they have hours that don't line up with my hours at the studio. I'm hoping to take him next week on my day off.

It's getting nice and cool and fall-y here! Yay! I love this time of year...if only I had a camera to take pics of it...

Thats all for now.

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