Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Amusing Poem...

When I was 10 I could not wait
To grow up and graduate.
Now it's over
Cause I waited
And grew up and graduated.
What do I wait for now?
~ Robert Munsch

I rather like this, I toally understand! Today is get the house ready to put on the market day!! Wish me luck!


Emi said...

You wait to fall in love and grow old with the man of dreams. That is what I think you should wait for. :)

Becca said...

blech! Life has got to be more than waiting. Besides, dreams are subjective and not all of them are good (the man of your nightmares!?). I say you wait till you've save enough money to take that grand tour of Europe or a Mediterranean cruise.

Joanna said...

Well if it's either of the two I'd appriceate it if he would let me know if he was the former so I could agree or not and if he were the latter so I could run the other way with both legs...