Thursday, June 08, 2006


Well, it's offical. Benjamin and Amy are indeed getting married. The invitations came in yesterday. I think in my mind it was like they were playing wedding but I guess they are not.

Today I babysat two boys. The oldest came up to me shortly after I arrived and handed me a CD saying "Will you please put in Bach's Christmas Oratorio? But the Brandenburg Concertos are in there and you will have to change the CD's." I related the story to his mum later and she told me that she'll talk about a Bach piece and if she's wrong (about the title/number whatever) he'll correct her. He's ALWAYS right. (He's grown up hearing about Bach from his dad.)

He's also 3.

Packing is well underway...just a bit every day and hopefully it'll get done.

I'm back on Frittering Away. It's just a random quotes page run by a group of girl friends, but it's nice to be back.

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