Sunday, June 11, 2006


Things are moving swiftly here...I got my flight itenerary this morning and the ticket will come in the mail soon. I did not buy it - I gave my boss the date I want to leave and she gets the cheapest thing she can find through a travel agent (I did not even know they still had those). So it looks like I'll fly out the 7th of August, spend some time in San Francisco then off to South Korea. It's interesting how paper makes things offical; paper ticket: I really am going; paper invitations: they really are getting married; "property disclosure statement" or whatever it's called: we really are selling the house.

We put the house on the market today. Our neighbour put theirs on the market less than two weeks ago and it sold in less than ten days. We are actually hoping that it won't get sold that fast but that it might wait till later in July. That way we can use both houses for wedding stuff; namely housing all the family who will be coming in. We'll see what the Lord does.

Ready now for round two; dad leaves for fifteen days in Romania on Thursday, he's home a week and then goes to Canada for ten days. While he's gone we close on house two, pack house one, and get Benjamin moved into the apartment. I think in all my free time I'll write a book.

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