Thursday, June 15, 2006


I'm getting very excited about teaching!! Today mum, Joshua and I went out to the camp our church owns. That was amusing but not the best part of the day. On the way back we stopped at a BOOKSTORE. Half-Price Books is my new friend. I got several things for the classroom. Well - more for teaching. And all that I got cost $21!!! This excites me!!! It all should have cost at least twice that if not much much more. I have also had several people from church give me other things for teaching.

Sorry - things like this excite me.

The school has an international day every year (I think in February but I'm not positive). One of my future apartment mates emailed me and asked if I wanted to reserve my country. I'm doing Morocco. I got somethings for that, and some things that I can use a teaching aides and so much more!!! But my favourite part is that I got the first two Harry Potter books for $1 each. Paperback but thats ok - I'll eventually get the hardcover.

This weekend the BJU Musical Ministry team will be at my church. I know the team leaders (the wife and I were in society together) so they are staying at my house. It'll be nice to see a friend from school.

We've had several people look at the house. It's exciting to see what the Lord is gonna do.

Bridesmaid dresses are in. I tried on mine and it's too small. Kinda sorta but it can be fixed. The colour of this dye-lot is not too bad. It's called "pool" but looks more like the Tiffany Blue. I think I can deal with it.


mel said...

Tell Deb and Leigh hello for me! And Jennifer, too. Well, all right, you can tell everybody hello for me if you'd like. :)

Becca said...

How are you going to get all that stuff to Korea!? Oh, and if you're going to teach American English, you might as well start spelling "favorite" the American way...

Say 'llo to Deb for me too!

duckie said...

Ooooh, Tiffany blue... that's not too bad. It's my favorite colour-- after clear. =)