Saturday, June 17, 2006


This summer Joshua (the little brother) and I have a running Scrabble tournament going. I was winning. Untill today when the little monster got four tripple word scores. I swear he's cheating. Whatever - I'll win next time.

As to the questions I have recieved about getting things to Korea; I will not have that much personal stuff to take having shipped most of it in the container that went over in May. So most of my checked stuff will be "other". I will more than likely have to check a third luggage thing.

Speaking of Korea; I have just found out that my boss has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She will be staying in the States untill December getting chemo treatments. Please pray for her.

Dad's gone! Let the party start... (= Not really - I'll miss him.


The Bard said...

I sympathize with the losing to a brother thing in Scrabble. My brother beats me at least half the time. Even worse, he tends to beat me, my mom, and my sister all at once. He can't write worth jack, but he sure can play Scrabble. I really think he sees words and letters differently than the rest of us, and, when the Scrabble board comes out, different is good (for him).

Becca said...

It's frustrating for someone who tends to wear the label "words person" to be an abysmal Scrabble player, but I really think games like that are just a conspiracy to allow "numbers people" to look like they are prevailing over their "words people" friends in a words game when really it's just a numbers game in disguise. Give me Balderdash or Taboo any day.