Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Canada Day!

It's the first of July! Happy Canada Day!

I am going to book my hostel this week for my two nights in August as I stop over in San Francisco (thought - is this named for St. Francis? I think so but as I speak no Spanish...whatever - this thought just came to me.) I've found a good one for $20 a night and its only about a mile from the airport right near everything in the area. I'm excited.

Dad's back; he brought me a bag of real chocolate (what you guys call "swiss" or "european" chocolate) and an egg ornament. I picked the blue one.

Ok - seen the new house. It is currently hideous, but that will be fixed this week. For instance the washroom is pink. Those of you who have seen it or heard me talk of it - remember the red fuzzy striped wallpaper in this house? Well it ain't got nothin' on the wallpaper in the new one; pink lilies on silver (with pink diagional lines). The silver is reflective, I can see my face in it. The entire washroom looks as if someone spilled pepto-bismol all over it.

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Becca said...

Cool! Take a picture of it before you repaint. And, for the record, I kinda liked the red fuzzy bathroom.