Sunday, July 09, 2006


Having a computer is fun. Today mum gave me more things to use with it. I got a keyboard light, a usb hub, a usb mouse, a usb extension chord (don't know what its really called but thats pretty much what it is) and something else that I have no idea what its for but won't ever use 'cuz I don't have that port.

This all counds silly I know but I'm usually the last one to get new things like this; I'm the 4th person in the family to have my particular cell phone, I never had a car (Ben's on #2.5)...there was something else but can't remember what. Don't mis-understand me; I do not feel jiped in any way, it makes me more excited when I do get new things... (=

A month today and I'll be in Korea. Mum told me just now that I have to pack my room this week...that means I have to pack for Korea...


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