Friday, August 11, 2006

South Korea

Well, I'm now in Seoul. I've not seen too much beyond what I saw from the drive from the airport and what I can see out of the apartment window but so far so good I guess. It's HUMID here. I can't tell you how misreable I am, I feel like a giant blob. But thats ok; it's supposed to go away soon and fans help lots and lots. I've never done well in humidity. I've meet one of my roommates (Linda) but as I was rather tired when I met her I don't remember much. I'm not in my apartment yet. The teachers who are currently in it are moving out tomorrow so that's when I'll move in. For now I'm staying in another apartment with another teacher. Monday we start getting stuff done at the school. I've not been there yet but I'm sure that will be attended to soon.

San Francisco was wonderful!! I wanna live there when I grow up. I saw China Town and Ghiradelli Square, but thats about it. I got in Monday afternoon, and chilled untill Guillaume got off work. We chilled at the place I was staying untill about 8. Then we went to China Town. Tuesday I went to the Square. I got stuck there, never did make it to the Wharf. I intend to go back. Someday...but oy the hills...if I lived there and walked everywhere I'd have the best legs ever. Loved it loved it loved it. Tuesday night several of us went to dinner and a Broadway show (A Chorus Line). I liked it, but its a very sad story. Wednesday was pretty much an airport day.

Thats about it for now. I'll post pictures of SF and Seoul when I'm more settled.


mel said...

Glad to hear you got there safely. Hope you get over the jet lag quickly! :) And I hope that the humidity goes away soon. Is it worse than Greenville?

I'm so jealous that you got to go to San Francisco! I love Ghirardelli Square in particular. (Hmm, maybe because of the rather large quantity of chocolate there?) :) Did you get to go over the Golden Gate Bridge?

Joanna said...

I flew over it...

does that count?