Thursday, August 31, 2006

Teaching Thoughts

Ok, I've now been teaching for almost a week. I think I like it. The students are sweet and pretty funny at times (for evidence see Frittering Away where fellow teacher Delaura Talbert and I post student comments and antics; sharing the blog with other friends who are still Stateside).

The funniest thing is (for those of you who know of my struggles with EN 100 during my college years) my favourite subject to teach is English. I'm learning more about prepositions and their objects than I did in 4 semesters of bonehead English. It's actually rather fun to teach.

My class was in charge of Chapel today. They were rather nervous but did a good job. I'll have pictures on here tomorrow.

Addendum: now that it took forever to get the pics up...

The pictures are in reverse order but here's what we did.
1) For the chapel special our class sang the first two verses to the Hymn we are learning in Bible (Grace 'Tis A Charming Sound").
2) Gina announced the week's birthdays - the kindergarted teacher (Mrs. Hur) had a birthday Monday and one of the second graders (Danny) had a birthday Saturday.
3) Jason chose and led the songs.
4) Jamie (aided by Gina) led us in the Pledges (to the Christian Flag and the Bible)

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Becca said...

Laughing out loud about your grammar experience.