Monday, August 28, 2006

John Kim

My helper for this week is John Kim (I have 2 Johns in my class). His favourite subject is Bible because he wants to be a missionary someday. His least favourite subject is Heritage Studies because "Just I don't like."

He's been to England and wants to go back some day because he "could learn many things in England."

His favourite Korean food is sagol and gamtang (I have no idea what those are).
His favourite American food is pizza.

He has had many injuries in his life.

Please pray for John this year as he has much growing to do and that he will apply himself in school (he has a tendency to turn things in late bacause he does not have his work done).


Becca said...

Hi John! Is he really taller than you? Heh. I'll pray for him this week.

Joanna said...

Nope - I'm sitting in my chair. Thankfully I'm taller than all of my 5th graders. One of my 6th grade reading students is taller than I am though.

Thanks for praying!

mel said...

I'll be praying, too.

Just out of curiosity, can you get in trouble for posting pictures of your students?

Becca said...

In Korea? I doubt they have our sophisticated privacy laws. Of course, there is the question of jurisdication... I don't really know international law yet.