Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend Fun

Saturday a bunch of us went to Itaewan (which basically amounts to where the tourists would go shopping to get a bit of Korean cultural objects and some great fashion knock-offs) just to do something. It was fun. We also went to a yummy place called "Buddha's Belly" (Thai food) and it was very yummy. I'm getting the hang of chopsticks and am actually beginning to like eating with them. We took the subway there and back. Subways are nice here - clean. Oft times crowded and seemingily like a Chicken Sunday in the Dining Commmon, but thats ok. Then Sunday we went over to Mylinda and Lauras place to goof off. Incidentally Laura and Mylinda have to move soon as the apartment complex sold their apartment yesterday. Its a long story but pray that they can get a place soon. The night time picture is the view from their (current) apartment. They are on the 18th floor.

I told Pastor Therelfall that I wanted to join the church so that will happen in the next week or two.

Every week in the class I am going to have a classroom helper. So you can get to know my students I will post a picture and a bit about them here. So check every Monday and get to know my class.


Delaura said...

Hey thanks for the post Joanna! Pray that we get a really big place with a built-in butler, that would be good too!

Becca said...

Dude, you get a built-in butler and I'm quitting school and moving to Korea!

Linda said...

well thanks for the pic of our backsides! ;) itaewon was fun, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Joanna- you are speaking my language now! Beofre you come home you will have to pick me up some fab knockoffs, the girls will be so jealous:) I am glad you are having fun!