Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wish List

Many of you have emailed me already asking what I want in boxes or what-not. So instead of sending a list a zillion times, I posted it...
Classroom (Please keep in mind that this is a Christian School)
(all grade 5 [ages 9-12] appropriate please, unless otherwise noted)
~ Bulletin board decorations (esp. for Holidays, minor ones and major ones, no Halloween, but can have Fall/Thanksgiving)
~ Books
~ Sticky tack
~ Posters
~ Music Pitch Pipe
~ Sharpie Markers
~ Educational Games
~ Candy
~ Stencils (preferably made of plastic)
~ Music Theory Posters (note values, etc.)
~ Stationery
~ Small items for prizes/giveaways
~ Stickers (can never have too many)
~ Anything Moroccan or Egyptian (for international day)
~ Song book of World National Anthems
~ Any international songs (w/ English Transliterations) for Elem. through High School
~ Piano Music (sacred/secular) intermediate to advanced level
~ Choral Sheet Music (any part amount, any level, sacred or secular, even just one copy)

~ Bath and Body Works shampoo and conditioner sets
~ Anything Bath and Body Works in “Brown Sugar Fig”, “Coconut Lime Verbena”, and “Warm Vanilla Sugar”
~ Bath and Body Works travel sizes (any scent)
~ Bath and Body Works Tru-Blue Spa (anything)
~ Pedicure stuff
~ Venus Divine Razor Cartridges (the pink ones)
~ Posters/pictures of Chicago, San Francisco, Paris (esp. in black and white)
~ Costco gift cards (any amount if it can be gotten in Korean Won, if it cannot be gotten in Won never mind)
~ L’Eggs Shear Energy Hose (Nude or Black) Size Q (no to reinforced toe, yes to tummy control) ~ Instant Puddings any brand, any flavour
~ Powdered gelatin (any brand any flavour)
~ Mac&Cheese (Kraft)
~ Any instant noodle/hamburger helper food
~ Chocolate of any kind (esp. Dove, Hersheys Kisses [any flavour], anything Reeses)
~ Candles
~ Stationery
~ Bic RSVP pens in black with a fine point
~ Pringles Ketchup Chips (from Canada)
~ Scrapbooking supplies (books and supplies)
~ Wal-Mart Great Value “Oriental Rice Mix” (don’t ask)
~ Cake mixes
~ Muffin mixes
~ Triscuts
~ Swiffer mop wet-jet (with MANY refills)
~ Pam Cooking Spray
~ Real Maple Syrup
~ Chocolate Chips


Mom said...

What we are wondering is where and HOW to send?

Joanna said...

well - I'm not too keen on putting my address out there on the if you want my address its on my prayer card (if you have it) or email me.

As to how, anything international (whatever is easiest/cheapest). Military PO's are considered as being in the US no matter where they are, we have a military connection here that I might see of they'll let me send boxes there. But that might be a while...

Mom said...

You are so SMART! Thanks!
(And thanks for staying "safe")

Becca said...

When is international day? I'm going to be spending two days in Morocco over Christmas break. Anything you want in Casablanca?