Sunday, August 20, 2006

First Week

Well inservice is over. It was fun working at the school and getting to know the other teachers. My class is pretty much ready. And as classes start tomorrow it had better be. The picture is of what my room looked like Saturday at 1. It's much better now. The stacks of books are from the container that got in Friday night at 7. It was supposed to be in much earlier.

I really like the other teachers. Its really nice to have Laura Talbert here. She's really helpful as far as letting me know things that other teachers might not think to tell me. Like about the hygene issue...she and I have decided we are going to have a hygene class a few times this year and cover basic things as showering and deoderant. She also is good for bouncing ideas off of.

A bunch of us went for Korean food tonight - galbi. Its a marinated pork that you cook over an open flame, put on a lettuce leaf with a sauce (don't know what) with onion and garlic (you can have rice on it too). Then you fold it into a bundle and stuff it all into your mouth - taking a bite is rude. It's lucious.


Becca said...

The food sounds delish! I think I would be afraid of the manners, though. I have to take such little bites; stuffing food in my mouth makes me gag.

I miss you!! Praying for ya.

Mom said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the completed masterpiece.