Friday, September 22, 2006


You hear of them; moments that really make teaching worth it. As a new teacher (and one who has had not formal eduaction on HOW to teach) I often wonder if I am actually teaching these kids. And as ESL kids I wonder how much they actually are understanding. Today I got a moment; and this was a good one but I take no credit for this moment or the teaching of the principles behind it but it was still something that makes this worth it.

In Reading yesterday we read a poem. Part of the assignment I gave them was to write one of their own (at least 6 lines). I had said I wanted it to be about an animal, but got several that wanted to do something else so decided to scratch that part. This is Laura's Poem. I have kept it intact.


Every body sins
we don't want to sin
But we sin

We don't want to know that we're sin
sin comes so quiet
we can't know them

"We can't stop!!"
"I really not want to sin!!"
How can we do?

There is a teacher
Who knows how to do
"Jesus" He will save you-!!


Becca said...

Wow. She's getting something for sure.

YFM said...

Out of the mouths of babes...much truth we can learn and remember.