Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Arrrr!! Today be "Talk Like a Pirate Day"!

So today be "Talk Like a Pirate Day" here in the Eastern Hemisphere. And we are celebrating it right proper here at the port of Seoul Christian School. This be the crew of the "Sea Scallywag". A hearty bunch they be.

And this be thair captian. She be a mean soul who makes her crew walk the plank at the first sign of mutiny. Later today she be teaching all pirates of this port a vital pirate skill - how to tie ropes in to fancy knots. There will be more pictures so come back again!!!


Monica said...

Ye be one fine pirate! If ye do indeed be tyin' ropes int' fancified knots, this pirate be mightily impressed. :-)

Becca said...

Hahahahahaha! I want to go to school where you teach! I just LOVE the outfit.

YFM said...

welllll, let's see - not a very pretty pic but it sounds like a BLAST!