Saturday, September 16, 2006

More for the Sidebar and then Some

Welcome to Linda. Roommate, friend and fellow teacher (she teaches music and writing). Also please welcome Mylinda, another friend and fellow teacher. She teaches the 2nd grade and is Lauras roommate. She updates about once a month if you are lucky but check her out!

So as I have stated in the previous post I'm rather on the sick side of life. And I think I'm sharing it with my roommates (or at least they have said they think I'm sharing). I spent today in front of the computer/televison catching up on recording my grades. I did not count how many papers I had to record but I would guess that the stack is at least two inches thick. I've learned my lesson: Grade and record as you go!! I'm still not done though. Only about half-way completed. Oi...

I've also gotten the link to the formal pictures from the wedding. They'll be up untill sometime in October.

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