Saturday, September 16, 2006

Update of the Week

This week was fun. On Tuesdays four other teachers and I go to the Army Base in here in Seoul to sing in a volunteer choir. Linda and I sing soprano, Elaine and Mrs. Fitch sing alto and Mr. Fitch sings tenor. This week was the first rehersal. It was fun but I'm going to have to keep up with my work. We leave at 5 and get back at 10. The chior is called the Seoul Singers and something like 8 countires are represented amongst the 50+ members. We are working on the Christmas Concert. There will also be a concert in May.

I sent out an emial in which I mentioned Matthew (one of my students) who was being tested to see if he should be in Gr. 5 or in a lower grade. Well the tests indicated that he was reading on a grade 3 level of comprehension or lower. So they put him in the fourth grade yesterday. He seemed ok but we'll see how things go.

Thurdsay morning I woke up with post-nasal drip and a sore throat. Then that night I felt worse so took a NyQuill and went to bed at 8:30. Still felt crummy last night but am somewhat better today; just stuffy. It is to be hoped that I will be better soon.

Tuesday the 19th of September is Talk Like A Pirate Day. The school is going to cancel classes that day and make it a fun day so come back next week for some good pictures. Laura and I did a skit in chapel to tell the kids about it. I told a story and she acted it out.


Delaura said...

Basically, I will never let you have a camera when I get up in front of people.

Joanna said...

Oh - I did not have a camera that time...Linda did. It just happened to be mine.


Delaura said...

I still blame you. You roped Linda into your art of unflattering pictures :D

The Bard said...

Great picture, Joanna. It seems you still have a talent for pulling out a camera at the most unwelcome moments. :-)