Tuesday, September 12, 2006

September 11th

In responce to Melanie's question:

I remember 9/11/01 very well myself (but then, who does not who was in the US that day?). I was headed to my first class (10:00 Aural Skills) and as I was walking to the room I heard two teachers talking. I heard one of them say "...it's on fire." I also remember hearing in the same conversation that something had been hit. It's interesting how clearly I recall thinking that they must have been talking about some bulding that must have been on fire in Greenville. Then in class Dr. Parker told us what had happened. Some knew and others did not. We spent the entire class praying. There was a girl in the class whose dad was in DC for the meeting with President Bush about the AACS. Then about half-way through the class Mrs. Parker came in and told us the first bulding had collapsed.

After class we had chapel. They had the screens down for us to watch what was going on. We prayed for about 10 min then watched the news. The FMA was open for us to watch the news for the rest of the week.

I remember thinking that the Lord had really prepered us (campus) for that time. That previous Sunday was our first vespers and it was the story of one of the BJ grads who had been in one of the wars. The theme was that God is in controll and that He is our refuge. That was a comforting thought in the next few days.


mel said...

Thanks for posting that.

Huh... I completely do not remember watching the news on the screens in FMA. I do remember that Rand Hummel was supposed to preach in chapel that day (he'd preached the day before, about the internet) but they postponed that for a while.

Becca said...

I think they had the screens up after chapel. I remember the bit about Hummel too. I don't think they ever ended up rescheduling him.