Saturday, October 14, 2006

Another Weekend...

So spirit week is over. Which while it was fun, I'm very very glad it is over. It's soooo much work!! This is a run-down of the week:

Monday: Career day; dress up as some career (I was a soldier as previously stated). The competition was to sing a career song. 5th grade got 1st place and "Most Enthuesastic" for the "Button Song"
Tuesday:Sports day; dress in your favourite sports outfit. Competition was to make a sculpture about sports. We got 1st place and most creative.
Wednesday:Character day; dress as a character from a book or a historical character. John Choi got best dressed boy dressed as Christian from Pilgrims Progress. I got 3rd place for best girl as the Paper Bag Princess (I tied with Miss Talbert who was Mrs. Bennett from Pride and Prejudice), and Dain and Gina tied for 1st dressing as Susan and Lucy from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Competition was our class poster; we got 2nd place and most creative for our "Once Upon a 5th Grade Kingdom" poster. We drew a map of a kingdom and then the kids drew bodies for themselves and pasted their heads on it. I was the dragon by my choice.
Thursday: Marina Day; dress as anything having to do with water (I was the ocean; wore all blue and glues fish cutouts to my skirt, I also glued a ship to a blue scarf and tied it on my head). Jason Park won best boy for his squid outfit. Competition was a silent skit. We did not get anything for that one. The kindergarteners were SOOO cute with theirs. As of Friday morning we were 50 pts ahead of the 6th grade.
Friday: Bad hair day. No competition for the day but John Kim got best boy and Gina got best girl. We ended the week with 1150 pts and 6th grade ended with 1050 pts.

I would dearly love to post pictures but either Blogger or my compy. is being evil. If I can get them up I'll post 'em.

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Becca said...

I can't wait!! It sounds like a blast. Do you guys ever have class!?